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corona riskmap

A daily-updating choropleth map that shows confirmed COVID-19 cases per intensive-care bed for each US state.


Ad-free music streaming platform featuring songs from top charts on SoundCloud


A new Reddit-like social media site--the successor to the previous Classic OpenChat

Crime Map

Interactive map of 911 dispatches to inform Fayetteville residents of danger nearby. Written by Lucas Kellar and me for the 2019 JB Hunt Hackathon

Other projects

HHA Grades

Easy grade checker for Haas Hall scholars


Crowd-sourced Q and A for AP classes

Classic OpenChat

The old open ledger for posting anonymous public messages


Calculate thermodynamic properties of chemical equations and molecules (AP Chem)


Simplified web version of my audiovisual project to visualize your music files with particle animations


Browse and read a collection of my favorite books with speed


My implementation of the popular Turing-complete cellular automaton to simulate electronic logic elements

Lucas Gifs

Something (terrible) from middle school